“A More Perfect Union”

Nate understands that there is a great deal of work left to be done in addressing the problems we face after more than a decade dominated by war, economic crisis, and partisan political division. Inequality is on the rise. Too many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. Millions of hardworking people are unable to find any employment at all  or a job suitable to build a life or support a family, despite their qualifications. Seniors worry if they will have enough financial security to live out their lives in health and comfort. Parents fear they will not be able to afford healthcare and educational costs they know their children need and deserve. Millions of children go to bed each night having not received a nutritious, healthy meal. Nate believes that in a country with as much wealth, power, and commitment to morality as ours, no child should ever go to bed hungry and no capable, determined worker should come home without enough money to provide for a family.

Most of our political leadership either fail to address these and other important issues or do so only by proposing ineffective, out-of-touch, politically safe remedies. Our leadership in Washington must do more to ease the problems which plague American families and businesses. Nate’s solution is not more government, but smarter government.

From his experience as a grassroots organizer, working and speaking one-on-one with ordinary Americans from all walks of life, Nate knows full well that even when times are tough, Americans want nothing more than a fair opportunity to build a comfortable life for themselves and their family. Our government has a moral responsibility to work to ensure that any American willing to take initiative, work hard, and assume personal responsibility will be able to enjoy a comfortable and healthy life. Rather than meet this responsibility, however, our government has acted to preserve the self-interest of politicians and their wealthy financial supporters. If we are going to get serious about addressing America’s most challenging issues, we must restore our democracy by voting for representatives committed to doing the business of the people.

As a Congressman, Nate’s only priority will be serving the people of the 4th District in a way that reflects his constituent’s political will and best interests. This simple notion, to put country ahead of party and policy above politics, has become lost in modern politics. A re-commitment to true Representative Democracy, along with a few other notions that lay at the core of American values, has the power to be as transformative for our country now as they were at the time of the founding of the republic.


“All Men Are Created Equal"

Individual Freedom has been the driving force behind both the revolutionary American Spirit and many of the greatest accomplishments of the United States and it’s people. The freedom of each American to pursue their own good in their own way has made the United States the most innovative and efficient economic power in history. Freedom, though, cannot truly exist without Equal Rights for All Americans. Every American must be free to contribute to our democratic society without compromising his or her individuality, heritage, or values. By ensuring that the perspective, vision, and conscience of every American, regardless of race, religion, creed, political philosophy, or sexual or gender identification, is heard, we ensure a vibrant “marketplace of ideas” that reflect the nature and shared values of our diverse democratic society. The inclusion of new and challenging ideas into America’s ongoing public discourse has helped spread American values across the globe, building peace and prosperity across oceans and continents. By ensuring that all Americans share an equal right to freely participate in society, commerce, academics and the political process, we strengthen our national conviction in long-held beliefs and values while allowing society to grow and change to serve the will of the people.


“The Pursuit Of Happiness”

Nate is committed to the precept that any American who works well and hard in a job which contributes to society should be able to enjoy the comforts of American life. Nate believes that the foundation for a good-paying, satisfying career is Education.

In order to create the most opportunities for Americans entering the workforce as well as ensure that the American workforce is ready to compete in and lead the 21st Century global economy, students and young professionals must have the resources to prepare them for the jobs of the 21st Century. Nate will make it a priority to expand college access and affordability to more Americans, especially those from disproportionately underserved communities. There are several methods of doing this which Nate will explore and discuss throughout the campaign including restructuring the American Opportunity Tax Credit and keeping federal student loan interest rates at fair and manageable levels. In order to ensure that federal dollars loaned out to students as investments in the future economy of the United States are best protected, students accepting federal assistance should be provided with information on how to plan and manage their finances and debt obligations while they are still enrolled in school.

Nate understands that a traditional college education is not for everyone and that there are a growing number of career opportunities for non-college graduates to earn a good living doing important work. In order to ensure that Americans are able to take advantage of the opportunities available in a changing, modernizing economy, Nate supports increased access to job training and retraining programs. These programs range from making trade and technical schools more important to more innovative, internet-based approaches which will reduce the financial costs and time commitments which prohibit too many struggling Americans from entering existing training programs.


“Liberty and Justice For All”

Education and equal protection under the law can only go so far in ensuring that the American Dream remains available to all Americans. While government must be responsive to it’s need to ensure certain opportunities exist and protect the rights of the people, it must also be vigilant not to impede unnecessarily on the Individual. Many Americans are unduly discouraged or limited from starting their own small business by misguided, misapplied, and outdated laws. Deregulation of Small Business will revitalize the backbone of the American economy and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship that has fueled so many great American achievements.

Nate Irvin will call for a review of America’s regulatory system with an eye towards removing or updating outdated regulations and using technological developments to better monitor which regulations are truly serving the interests of the country and which are causing unnecessary red tape and obstacles. Nate will lead the effort to abandon political orthodoxy and do away with regulations which impede small business growth. Additionally, Nate will work to ensure that nationwide or industry-wide regulations that would disproportionately disadvantage small businesses compared to large corporate entities be introduced as two separate bills, helping to protect small business from unnecessary over-regulation.


“Government of the People, By the People, For the People”

In addition to revitalizing the democratic nature of our politics and elections, Nate will work to increase government efficiency by modernizing government, cutting down bureaucracy, increasing transparency, and strengthening the cooperative relationship between the people and their government.  

Modern data-analytics and communications technology will make it easier than ever to identify wasteful redundancy, ineffective programs, and outdated programs. This means we can reduce the size of government, spending levels, the budget deficit and the political and economic crises caused by debate over federal spending without eliminating valuable programs Americans rely on. Similar technological developments have given us the capability to improve the relationship between the public and the government. Government resources and useful information about what programs are available and how to take advantage of such programs can more easily than ever be disseminated to the people who stand to benefit.


"A New Birth Of Freedom"

Smarter government starts with a more vibrant democracy. Contact the campaign and tell us what you think about our message, tell us about the problems facing your family, business or community, and let us know your thoughts on how to resolve those problems. Your input is our most valuable tool. Keep checking in here on the Issues page and everywhere else to see how we put your input to work!